Based on the last name of two ‘born and raised’ Albertan brothers, Flaysher is a CMAB Award-nominated Canadian country duo with grit in their blood harmonies and unvarnished truths in their lyrics. Inspired by artists such as Bob SegeAr, Dierks Bentley, Bon Jovi and Dallas Smith, Flaysher’s songs are rooted in the influence of their upbringing. Raised in small-town Airdrie, Alberta, you can almost hear the sawdust in their voices from growing up on dusty job sites working for the family business.

Flaysher’s latest single, “Wild One,” has an undeniable energy and a melody you just can't help but sing along to. The track was written by Nashville heavy hitters Tebey, Emma-Lee and Karen Kosowski and produced by Dan Swinimer (Billy Currington, Tenille Townes, Madeline Merlo, Tim Hicks, to name a few). It's a feel-good song about the kind of girl you know you can't hold onto for long yet can't help but try. 

We love how relatable the song is. Whether you’re the Wild One that’s keeping a guy guessing and just having fun, or the guy that’s trying to win the Wild One’s heart. We’ve all been there.”


Their debut single, “Flat Broke Famous," was produced by Juno award winning producer, Matty McKay (Brett Kissel) and was released in March 2020. Despite the setbacks of the pandemic, the track amassed 2,000 streams and over 800 monthly listeners on Spotify during its first month of release. It was also added to seven country radio stations across Canada.

The brother’s February 2021 sophomore single, “Ride,” saw similar traction, this time also garnering the support of Sirius XM/CBC Country. The track saw 13 radio adds and numerous features on Canadian country reporting stations. “Coastin,” which was released in July 2021, continued this upward trend with adds on 22 radio stations as well as a spot on SiriusXM/CBC Country. The track also had Flaysher named the “Most Active Indie” artist (all genres) at Yangaroo’s DMDS for the week of July 16, 2021.

Prior to expanding their sound and leaning into country, Flaysher had their start as a classic rock cover band. They performed over 200 shows in their teens and won the Olds Rock 104.5 star search contest in 2015. They released “Starting Over” in 2016, a rock EP that was bursting at the seams with the unwavering optimism and relentless vitality they had when they hit their 20’s.

We grew up listening to 90s country. In 2018, we spent two months in Toronto in the CMI Artist Entrepreneur program. Within this development period, we found ourselves in the heart of the biggest city in Canada and our “roots” started to show. Our songs spoke of missing home, the mountains, our girlfriends, etc. and it started to become clear to us. Our Albertan pride grew stronger than ever and this is when we decided to stop holding our country side back.”

These true blue-collar boys are known for their high-energy live performances. They’ve performed at the Calgary Stampede, headlined the Alberta Summer Games to an audience of over 6,000 people and sold out the King Eddy (Calgary, AB). Every time they hit the stage you can’t help but feel the passion these two brothers have for performing and lifting people up. Flaysher is poised to be Canada’s next breakout country duo and those who are lucky enough to catch them in concert will feel enriched by a moment they won't soon forget.