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Branded Leather Keychain

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One-of-a-kind new merch item with a story.
If you didn’t know, we’re actually 6th generation Albertans and damn proud of it. Our great grandparents worked their hands to the bone and scraped up every penny they had to buy the Fleischer family farm back in 1940. There’s endless history on this land. We thought for a long time about how we could allow our fans to have their own piece of this history without taking anything away from the farm itself. This is the result.
The F logo you see in the photo is made out of an actual bolt from a retired binder our great grandpa last used in 1947. The custom Flaysher F is then heated and proudly branded into each leather keychain. There’s a lifetime of stories in every piece.
100% locally made with genuine leather, hand pressed by yours truly.
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