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Based on the last name of two “born and raised” Albertan brothers, Flaysher is a CMAB Award-nominated Canadian country duo with grit in their blood harmonies and unvarnished truths in their lyrics.


Produced by Matty McKay (Brett Kissell), their brand new single 'Coastin'' shows the duo's laid back side describing the perfect beach day with your 

The duo released 'Ride' in February of 2021, telling us the candid story of a journey down the road towards self-actualization. Flaysher released their debut country single “Flat Broke Famous" on March 27th of 2020.

"Their small-town work ethic paired with humility and great talent will set them apart from others. I can guarantee that." - Matty McKay


Flaysher is known for high-energy live performances before humbly stepping off the stage to genuinely connect with everyone in the room. You just can’t help but feel the passion these two brothers have for lifting people up with their art.

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